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Nissarana Galleries is located in Noosa, QLD and Mornington, Vic. Nissarana showcases the master photography of Visuddhacara Philip Ayres and his vibrant Australian landscapes captured on film. The work on offer is by established and upcoming Australian, Indigenous Australian and International artists.

In the selection of artists represented by the gallery, a theme of strong spirituality in their works has been pursued. Nissarana Galleries surpasses the normal artistic creation found in many galleries and begins to touch on deeper meanings of human existence and the universal truths. Culture and spirituality are explored in the artist's expressions and stories in their many individual ways whether it is knowledge coming from their ancestors or inspiration coming from the own heart of creativity. These works invite the viewer to ponder and come closer to their own inner freedom and ultimate happiness. The gallery name 'Nissarana' was chosen because it means freedom, or having no bonds.


'Visuddharaca' Philip Ayres

'Visuddharaca' Philip Ayres has been at the forefront of Australian photography for over 40 years, as a result of being given his first ‘box brownie’ camera at the age of 3 or 4 years old. Fortunately this much acclaimed and award winning photographer chose Noosa for his ‘signature’ gallery, which now showcases his breathtaking fine art photography featuring Australiana landscape themed images in exclusive handcrafted frames made of American oak which are French polished to achieve the unique range of colours. The way Philip has captured the soul of the Australian landscape is truly remarkable. He has actually portrayed the ancient peace of this country with its all-pervading ochre rocks and deep blue skies. Having spent years in the outback, only employing the traditional technique of film photography with large landscape cameras, he has personally been involved in every stage of the creation of these magnificent collectors’ edition prints and wonderful frames.

By maintaining the honesty and integrity of the image, which is taken at a point in time and in a particular location rather than being digitally enhanced, is what makes it of true value to the discerning collector for a very long time to come, to be enjoyed now and as an heirloom. What you will find when you first walk into the Gallery is the culture and spirituality that expresses itself within the photographs. ‘Visuddhacara’ Philip Ayres was also a Buddhist monk for nearly 15 years in Thailand, Sri Lanka and the Blue Mountains in NSW and his photographic work succeeds in crossing cultural boundaries with influences from both Australian and Eastern cultures, while emphasiaing the universal laws of time and space

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