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Nissarana Galleries was established in 2008 and is situated in Noosa Heads Queensland on the prestigious Hastings Street and in the bayside tourist town of  Mornington Victoria on the busy Main Street strip. The Gallery proudly presents a collection of some of the finest modern artists exhibiting today. On display at our two large galleries are stunning collections of high quality artworks from both established and emerging artists. Paintings, ceramics, fine-art photography and sculpture by award winning artists from Australia and overseas are presented in both group and solo exhibitions throughout the year .

In the selection of artists represented by the gallery, a theme of strong spirituality in their works has been pursued. Nissarana Galleries endeavours to exhibit works that  touch on deeper meanings of human existence and the universal truths. Culture and spirituality are explored in the artist's expressions and stories in their many individual ways whether it is knowledge coming from their ancestors or inspiration coming from the own heart of creativity. These works invite the viewer to ponder and come closer to their own inner freedom and happiness. The gallery name 'Nissarana' was chosen because it means ‘freedom’, or having no bonds.

Nissarana Galleries represents more than eighty established artists and these include Colin Passmore, Jandamarra Cadd, Bronwyn Bancroft, Andrew Grassi Kelaher, Ben Lucas, Zoe Ellenberg, Warren Salter, Bianca Gardiner-Dodd, Deb Hutton, Melanie Hava, Stuart Clues, Zetta Kanta, Phillipe De Kraan, Megan Puls, Dallas Lesley, Yeats Gruin and Visuddhacara Philip Ayres.

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