Amanda Robinson

Artist's Statement
I am originally from the UK. I came to Australia on an “ Eat , Pray , Love “ type adventure for one,   long before  I’d even heard of  the book!
I fell in love with Australia,   it's oceans , mountains and unspoiled  beauty and now live permanently on the  beautiful Sunshine Coast.
I have painted and created my whole life but found a passion in taking Surfboards that have reached the end of their surfing life and giving them new life as art.
The surfboards I use are an inspiring canvas. I love that they  have experienced  the passions and amazing experiences of  the ocean life.
I believe we must all look after our incredible  planet and I am grateful to be able to repurpose boards that may have ended up as landfill into something beautiful.
My Mosaic Surfboards celebrate and reflect the myriad of ocean colours. Using  individually cut pieces of lead light glass, each piece is unique. The colours and vibrancy of each  piece  of glass will appear different in every light. They glitter like jewels in the sunlight, the colours sing out in the shade, evening light is reflected in beautiful hues. An ever changing, unique art piece.