Carole Foster

Carole Foster has been inspired to capture the magic of the Australian outback on canvas. She spent many years travelling to the most remote and harshest parts of central and north and Western Australia. Her superb work reflects the mystical “rhythms of the land” and will resonate with those who have had the good fortune to visit the outback.

With her flaming red hair and flamboyant presence, Carole Foster is an artist, self-proclaimed gypsy and country girl at heart, having travelled the globe and eventually finding her home on the Mornington Peninsula.

Perhaps that’s the key to the success of this artist who has exhibited and sold paintings all around the world as a result of more than 40 Exhibitions. From the early 90’s in New York to Bark Modern, (Hong Kong), Art N Wine, (San Francisco), and Paint Box Fine Art, (London).

During her time in the USA Carole was commissioned to paint five, two-meter tall paintings for a well-known restaurant in San Francisco.

Born and raised in Wangaratta, Carole showed a flair for drawing and painting at an early age and always had a penchant for adventure.

Carole couldn’t wait to leave and so started her travels at a young age. Carole has lived in New Zealand, Norfolk Island, England, Finland, Holland, and Germany, Her travels assisted her to acquire knowledge and develop her skills for her inspirational paintings.

Ironically, this sophisticated traveller tends to get her inspiration from the Australian outback, when travelling to the High Country.

As an adult Carole first became interested in abstract, she had formal lessons and then turned to impressionism. However, she always admired artists such as Brett Whitely and Fred Williams.

Spending some 20 years roaming the outback from the Simpson dessert to Kakadu and the Kimberley’s she became very spiritually connected to the Australian outback and our indigenous people

After many years sitting on hill tops Carole says the sheer joy, impressions and emotions stay



with you for the rest of your life. Everything Carole has done she believes has helped her understand nature more, a “sacred connection with the brush which stays with you forever.”

Describing her work as gestural and impressionistic, it is also romantic in quality, with the artist not restricting herself to landscapes, although the outback tends to evoke much emotion.

With a solid foundation in realist art, Carole has been able to explore and teach a more contemporary approach to her subject while still able to experiment.

Her fantastic video demonstration filmed for Graeme Stevenson’s  excellent series, put a little” Colour n Your Life” has been widely acclaimed Her work has been described as a modern abstract impressionist style which has resulted in high energy vibrant pieces that equally capture the visually silent atmospheres in works of a quiet nature.

In Between travel to exotic locations, painting and teaching in her home studio and the gallery. A spiritual lady with a wildly artistic soul says never has periods where she doesn’t want to paint.

Art Teachers

Colin Johnson, Gunther Kalbitzer, Joan Bognuda, Kevin Taylor, Muriel Balmain


Local and international press, Lifestyle magazine articles, YouTube video of art Demonstration


Brett Whitely, Fred Williams, Leonard French,

Solo Exhibitions