Chris Calcutt

Introducing Chris Calcutt...

"I am a Stainless Steel Sculptor and Public Artist with over 30 installations situated in prominent locations for State, Local and Regional Governments on the East Coast of Australia, with a further installation more recently now exhibited as public art in Western Australia. I've also made and sold over 300 private commissions.

I was the second person in Queensland to be accredited under the U.S.L. Code as a 'Shipbuilder' with the Department of Transport, which is invaluable experience to me as a Public Artist.

I'm proud to say that I have no rival when it comes to carving and instilling line and form into my stainless steel sculptures. I only use '316' marine grade stainless steel, and Australian Standard approved consumables. My sculptures are vandal proof, everlasting with low maintenance."


2000 Advanced Diploma of Engineering, NNFO65 (MMAW of LCS)
1996 Accredited as 'Shipbuilder' with Queensland Transport
Aluminium welding tests passed by ERTS Gladstone
1994 Approved manufacturer and testing of fuel tanks with Queensland Transport (2275 litre capacity)