Elizabeth Langreiter

“I started painting in 2008 after being hit in the back of the head by a tennis ball. It sounds bizarre but it is true. After a niggling pain and swelling in the back of my head that would not go away, I very thankfully got the all clear from my cat scan. But I also just got this sudden urge to start painting when I had never painted before. So suddenly I went from having no interest in art to becoming a dedicated and prolific artist, which surprised everyone who knew me but most of all myself.


It started as a hobby, but I was incredibly lucky to have great success at my first group exhibition at the Willoughby Art Centre, which really encouraged me to keep going. In 2016 I was accepted into the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral and was offered a solo exhibition. I was also selected as one of the top 100 emerging artists in Australia. I see 2016 as a big turning point in my art journey. I have since been accepted into Wentworth Galleries in Sydney CBD. I’m also very lucky to have a studio in my home at Roseville Chase, which means I can paint every day even if some days it is only for an hour as I juggle this with looking after two boys. My studio is my favourite place to paint. I can create as much mess as I like and as soon as the kids go to school, I crank the music up and start having fun creating.

I find inspiration all over the place. My current popular beach series was inspired by seeing a photo in an inflight magazine on a flight to Noosa of the Rottnest Swim in WA. I fell in love with the aerial perspective and have since created many beach-inspired paintings. I don’t consider a painting finished until I love it. So, I love a lot of my paintings. If I had to choose a favourite, I would say Vivid Sydney Rainbow Flowers and Balmoral to the Spit because after travelling and living overseas I know how much I love Sydney and feel grateful that I live in such a wonderful part of the world.

My paintings take many layers, so patience is important. In 2009 I approached the owner of NOC Café in Willoughby to display my paintings. At the time he had a number of artists displaying their art. He said I could have a small space at the back of the restaurant where I was very happy to put a few paintings. Gradually I sold a few and received commissions. Then one day the owner asked if I would like to take over the whole restaurant with my art. Of course, I was very happy to do so. I also display my art at the Castle Cove Café on Deepwater Road. When they opened up, I asked them if they would like my art on the wall and they immediately said yes. Both cafes have since changed owners, but the new owners happily have been very keen to have my art on their walls.

I’m really thankful to all the lovely people who have given wonderful feedback, referrals and most of all collected my art. It never stops feeling exciting when someone loves my painting enough to want it on their walls to look at every day. I feel truly humbled that my art is now in private collections in Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Germany, America, England, Israel, New Zealand and Australia. The record does go to a Roseville collector who bought 12 of my paintings in 2011. I still pinch myself over that. He bought three paintings from NOC and arranged to pick them up the next day with his wife. When they got there, they decided to buy another five paintings. Over the next month he bought four more. There’s no greater compliment than when people come back to collect more of my art.”