Heather Saxon

It all started with John! I had developed an Arts Agency business and at that time represented about 60 Artisans to promote their products both nationally and internationally at trade fairs and expos. Back in 2000 he came into my city showroom one day and said he did not understand why with my design skills I was selling “other people’s stuff”, anyway long story short, he came back about 2 hours later with four beautiful coffee table books (not how to’s) dumped them on my desk and off he went!
For me it was an immediate “I can do that” and within 2 months I had sold my first collection to a Gallery and thereafter an annual Christmas exhibition with the same gallery. I am totally self-taught and the winner of 4 consecutive Gown of the Year awards, see some pics on Instagram!

“Designer Heather has mastered the art of understated, modern elegance with her latest collection; the timeless quality of her silk dresses and resort wear is the reason why her pieces will become wardrobe staples season after season. How can you resist silk tunics to slip on as a little dress or to pop over swimwear or jeans, or the silken luxury of a beautiful kaftan, all of which are elevated by signature details, like unexpected pleating, matching scarves and fine craftmanship. It’s all so good.

When Heather realized that the success of her jewellery collection meant customers who now owned multiple pieces of her work left them with nothing more to buy, she was drawn back into the world of fashion. Not one to follow trends and using only beautiful imported silks, many from Italy, she set about designing a niche range of trans-seasonal relaxed fit dresses suited to our Australian climate and lifestyle.

“I developed my first range around the demographics of my existing customer base…I knew they travelled extensively, I knew they liked quality handcrafted work, I knew a lot about the necklines they liked from their jewellery purchases” Heather said. The label is exclusively designed and made on the Sunshine Coast and offers a shift in fashion design; sharp, simple cuts in limited runs.

Although totally self-taught, in her late twenties Heather had the good fortune to be front of house manager in a European designer’s Melbourne boutique “I could hardly stay out of the back workrooms – it was where I spent my lunch breaks” she said, “The owner had worked in Paris fashion workrooms and I learnt so much just by observing.”

Heather believes that whilst everything around us can serve as a source of inspiration, she is inspired by colour and texture! “It’s what I love and fundamental to my needs as a designer, I have never started with the design, it is always the fabric that comes first for me, I don’t think the creative process can be limited by rules or pre-conceived frameworks”.

All garments are finished to the highest standard - not an over-locker in sight in Heather’s workrooms! Seams are either French or flat seamed, necklines are hand rolled and even labels are hand sewn into every garment. There is no production line manufacturing process, each garment is made individually from start to finish by the same seamstress which allows for greater quality control.

Heather’s designs will continue to favour an individual touch over trends by focusing on creating capsule collections that combine handmade craftsmanship with affordability. Her advice; invest in one beautiful piece instead of multiple others…and if it doesn’t make your heart sing, don’t buy it!

“For me, it’s always about the detail, the finish; when a customer tells you ‘thank heavens for the hot pink label or I would have worn it inside out’, you know you have produced a fine garment”.