Lana Thymianidis

Lana Thymianidis is a Melbourne based sculptor specialising in contemporary stone and metal work. Her artworks embody an edgy dichotomy of traditional technique and conceptual exploration. She studied a Bachelor of Visual Art and Bachelor of Business at Monash University while holding a scholarship to practice Renaissance Art from the Italian campus.


Lana has been selected for exhibitions locally and globally including her upcoming 2020 solo exhibition in Oslo, Norway. The Association of Sculptors Victoria awarded Lana the 2018 Tina Wentcher Prize at their at the Annual Awards Exhibition. This piece comes from her award-winning body of work. All Australian natives, these decaying fragments of nature have been eternalized and glorified in the traditional material bronze.


Following Lana’s recent residency in Norway, she will now take to Japan to build on her current body of work, in this series she uses bronze to examine the intersection between the natural and the artificial, the ephemeral and ever after.