Lisa Dirie, a local Brisbane artist, is quickly carving a niche for herself with her instantly recognisable ceramic work. Both her love for art and her creative abilities cover many genres, however her true passion lies within the uniqueness of the fluid curves and strong angles that ceramic art delivers. With ceramic Green-ware as her canvas, Lisa creates resplendent, unique, and individual pieces that compliment any decor and serve a myriad of functions.

Vases, Platters, Plates, Jewellery Boxes and Lamps are just some examples of what you can expect to see within Lisa's range of collectables. Her signature style is bright and bold, blending comic book imagery with the fun accents of pop art, and even though the pop art inspired girls are her favourite to paint, her work is varied to meet the current styles and trends, ensuring it caters to every taste. Each image Lisa Dirie creates is as much the work of a devotee of pop culture, as that of an observer of life in general.

Lisa chooses to rotate stock regularly as opposed to exhibit in solo exhibitions. Her work proves as a successful impulse purchase for galleries and often sells successfully alongside other canvas works.

Lisa’s work is held in private collections within Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the U.S.

Lisa accepts commissions at the gallery’s discretion, and already does so through her representing galleries. Please contact your closest representing gallery to request a commission. A deposit must be placed for all commissioned works.