Peta Heys

i am rock is an intuitive manifestation from Australian designer Peta Heys. Through her statement pieces she explores the timeless universal connections we share as human beings navigating the course of truth, life and love.

In a society that is predominately fixated on money, sex and power, i am rock is a brand with the mission to not just put more jewellery in the world, but also to promote the idea of putting less focus on what you can have, and more on who you can be.

All pieces in the collection are designed to inspire moments of reflection on some of the things that actually matter, like, what am I grateful for? Do I give and receive love? Are the choices that I'm making true to my higher self?

Referencing sacred geometry, astronomy, symbolism and nature i am rock draws inspiration from the fundamentals of creation. The pieces honour musings that relate to each design concept from advanced connected beings who have channelled divine messages through literacy and arts. i am rock celebrates human expression through creativity; whether it be through the composition of music, architecture of a building, or our ability to generate a smile through an exchange of loving kindness. 

We hope that wearing our pieces will remind you to practice truth and vulnerability so that you can ascend. Let your imprint in the world be like a precious rock - strong, unique, connected to the universe, and ultimately very beautiful.