Robyn Kirk

ROBYN KIRK ART is evidence of a passion growing and evolving daily.

Experimental painting phases have seen the development of a number of different series. The works reveal a blend of old with new happenings within the landscape, including people, animals, places, life - often in an abstract setting. The paintings are expressions of feelings, with a misty soft blend of colour and strong brushwork. Transient memories blur into forms on the canvas, creating a sense of mixed moments, sometimes interrupted very differently for each individual. Her works are expressions with oil and acrylic paint on canvas or board, usually combined with a variety of other drawing materials for more texture. At times, dry brush, palette knife and fingers and hands help mould the outcome. This tactile labour-intensive process reveals her stories with an element of surprise. The love of colour, space and design has instigated some very large abstract works. These are an extension of her design capability and the need to express more. Whilst abstraction has become paramount, figurative and realistic motives are also very apparent in their formation.

Robyn Kirk, born in country Queensland, travelled and eventually based herself in Brisbane. Studies at Queensland College of Art, Brisbane Institute of Art and Brisbane Academy of Art and private tutoring, including operating other design field businesses, gave her the courage to self develop her multidisciplinary skills.

Operating White Canvas, her own business, combining art with design, hiring her artwork and sourcing furnishings, in early 2000, produced numerous paintings. Later, to concentrating more on art alone, she opened White Canvas Gallery Space in Fortitude Valley to be surrounded by art and artists. This was a huge incentive to delve further to create her own work, more. Although curating exhibitions for other artist became foremost at this time, a good number of her own works were exhibited and sold.

She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, received awards for competition work, completed commissioned portraits and is represented in corporate and private collections internationally.

Robynkirkart studio space in Newstead is in the art hub in Brisbane.