Surfdog & Artbird

Surfdog & Artbird began by painting quirky characters which Phil Taylor Studios – one of Australia’s oldest and most respected companies specialising in greeting cards, and proud supporters of local designers - published as part of their range many years ago, and everything produced since has revolved around art. Trained in Art and Design at the Randwick College TAFE in Sydney and graduating with a Graphic Art and Design Diploma, career adventures began in art and design studios and many advertising agencies as art and creative directors. These experiences led to painting full time and greater enjoyment in the world of contemporary art.

Surfdog & Artbird travel to some of the best beaches on the planet. Their love of travel, sun, surf and their many furred and feathered friends, has taken them to different parts of the world. The fascinating people and the different cultures that they enjoy when they explore around Australia and other countries are sketched as ideas, and fleshed out in the studio after an early start to the day, some exercise, and getting into the ocean before putting brush to canvas.  Surfdog & Artbird also paint solo, and work has been selected in many major Australian Art Prizes, and represented in Australia and overseas.

When giving life to Surfdog & Artbird, and the characters portrayed, a representative gallery director  said of this new work “ the enormous energy, gaiety and presence that the artist exudes is also encapsulated in the works. Well-travelled and with a probing interest in local cultures and people, these works reach out to the bolder nature of our current lives where art and its message pops out in a more explosive way. The bold background and quirky characters is much more a reflection of the light and playful nature than a response to current trends. This artist has the confidence and courage to enter all fields of art direction, which only comes with maturity and very sound technical ability. “

Surfdog & Artbird paintings are available through exhibitions at their representative galleries.