Warren Salter

Warren Salter has been a full time artist and painter for twenty years with a solid sales, commission and exhibiting history under his belt.
His art adorns the walls of private homes, corporate buildings and hospitals nationally and internationally.
  Warren can remember drawing and painting constantly from as early as four years of age. Born with an obvious talent for art, he found his high school days and nights filled with drawing and painting cars and motorbikes and selling them to fellow students for 50c each; then progressing on to painting landscapes for their parents on cardboard and masonite.

Warren won the school art award for every year of his primary and high school years in succession and often remarks that these were his real and formative training years.

At Matric college, he was taught by renowned artist Geoff Dyer who would take selected students to Interstate National Galleries to view artists like Picasso, Van Gough, Roberts and Streeton, who all had a big influence on Warren’s artistic development.
After 25 years in the graphic art and signmaking industry, Warren’s  love of painting came to the fore,  and he made the transition  to becoming a full time professional artist.

An affinity with nature is the real  fuel for Warren’s inspiration,  along with a deep love of music. He says the two forms compliment each other and inspire his love of painting.

After ten years of solo exhibiting with up to four and five shows per year in Australia’s Capital Cities, he developed a diverse range of contemporary styles on large canvases including still life, figurative,  abstract and a ‘nature series unique to himself.
Much of Warren’s time is dedicated to commissioned works and says such requests are the ultimate compliment to any artist.