“They named me ‘Wynta’- a Kenyan girl’s name. 

   Life was always going to be an interesting journey”

 In 2006 Wynta found this old VW Kombi with no engine, windows or doors and he and his partner harnessed it to 2 camels and walked 600kms through the Great Sandy Desert on search for soul filling adventures and quenching a thirst for gold prospecting. 

 After becoming lost in the desert, and quickly running out of food and water we abandoned the Kombi and any hope of finding gold, grabbed what we could carry, loaded the camels up and made a 100km dash for where we hoped to find water.

 A lack of attractive employment prospects and in keeping in sync with foraging and being resourceful, instead of returning home with beautiful bleached driftwood and fallen timbers, I came home with an old 1969 VW car parts and chunks of disused plywood.  

A blend of Sydney slick, Daintree-inspired recycling, and an ode to a classic and seemingly indestructible icon The Love-Bug lounge was born. 

“For me, the feeling of excitement accelerates when I spy the gleam of a shiny metal hub in an overgrown garden or when a junkyard becomes a treasure trove - an idea develops”…